“I have been Inspired by Tina’s inventive outlook in addressing age-old social dilemmas such as homelessness. Whether due to poverty or large-scale disasters, both of which are harsh realities faced by many individuals and families across our globe, Cardborigami is the only immediate response shelter available to provide shelter with no assembly required.”

Ararat Alex Yarijanian is currently in the role of regional Network Management for naviHealth, a Cardinal Health Company—managing post-acute care provider networks of 14 hospitals with over 60 facilities, regionally. Prior to his post at naviHealth, Yarijanian was the Director of Managed Care for 27 ambulatory care centers in 11 counties throughout California and Texas; Co-Founder and Board Chair of Cardborigami, an innovative nonprofit organization providing portable transitional shelters with an evidence-based biopsychosocial model component (commercial and humanitarian markets).
Mr. Yarijanian also serves on a number of committees—including membership on the Steering Committee of SafeMed LA (formerly LAC Prescription Drug Abuse Coalition) with LA Care health plan, Kaiser, LA County Department of Public Health combating opioid addiction by creating models of community-based multi-stakeholder vertical integration. He is also on AHLA committees on contracting newsletters monitoring, and serves as a Health Affairs contributing author. As a member of Healthcare Financial Management Association, Healthcare Executives of Southern California, American College of Healthcare Executives, and American Health Lawyers, Mr. Yarijanian takes an active role in shaping the future of the healthcare movement.  He is also a graduate student of the MS in healthcare management program at California State University, Long Beach.
Since 2007, Mr. Yarijanian has been directly involved with initiatives within the capacity of strategic planning and implementation. Since 2010, he has had senior leadership within the broader health and human services industry, with roles at the intersection of business strategy, planning, and innovation - a high degree of specialization in the managed care segment of the industry since 2013. He has been the awardee of numerous grants and recognition for innovation.