5,000 Innovation Grant!

1. Make the Cardborigami waterproof. It could be a non-toxic treatment of the cardboard, or an additional layer that envelopes/ laminates the cardboard, it could be another material altogether that has the same properties of cardboard, it just needs to be waterproofed and environmentally friendly. To prove this, applicants will need to replicate a portion of the shelter and prove that it resists water sufficiently. Templates will be provided to all applicants after they register below so that a model can be constructed and tested. Video should be submitted along with application to prove the viability of the new treatment or material.

2. Design a mass production solution that minimizes the need for manual labor in the construction of Cardborigami shelters. For example, design a new production line method, or develop new machinery that can fold complex forms, or create jigs to streamline the assembly process. The design or production of the solution has to be implementable in reality. Research will need to be provided along with application showing companies who can actualize your design and cost estimates to do so.


Templates will be emailed to you so please enter the correct email address. All submissions must be sent via email to info@cardborigami.org Any questions can also be emailed to info@cardborigami.org

Deadline for submissions: Wednesday, August 30th at 11:59pm PST

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