"I am inspired by the innovative approach Cardborigami takes to solving the
age old problem of providing sustainable shelters to people in need. Food and water are often quickly deployed to victims of natural disasters, but there are limited solutions for quickly accessible shelter. In today's fast paced, technology driven world we should be able to provide scalable temporary or short-term housing solutions."

Udit Sekhri is the Finance board member, who joined Cardborigami in the spring of 2015. Udit has been directly involved with financial reporting and budgeting for the organization. Udit graduated with honors from The Ohio State University, where he studied Finance and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. After graduating he joined GE Capital’s Financial Management Program (FMP), where he held leadership positions within the organization. Upon completing the FMP program Udit was selected to join GE’s Corporate Audit Staff, an advisory and assurance leadership program where he lead company initiatives across finance, business development, marketing, and operations. Udit currently works at Google in the Product Function Finance department as a financial analyst. As a new San Francisco resident, Udit spends his weekends exploring the Bay Area by hiking in nearby National parks, playing golf on various courses across the city, and visiting Napa Valley to enjoy some great wine.