Aramais Abrahamyan dedicated his career to helping others and lifting up the less fortunate. He was a kind and compassionate soul, who took pride in helping the homeless community throughout his lifetime. Even after he retired, as a social worker after 25 years, he continued helping the homeless around the city of Glendale and surrounding areas. Aramais was a man of actions, not words, and he selflessly gave to those around him. He found a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in being of service to people in need. It’s been one year since Aramais has left us, but his memories live on through his wife, children, and grandson. We feel his presence every day. In lieu of flowers, contributions to Cardborigami would be appreciated in order to help us continue his legacy. 

“Loving and kind and all his ways,

Upright and just to the end of his days;

Sincere and true in his heart and mind,  

Beautiful memories he left behind.”

-Author Unknown

Cardborigami is a non profit organization that focuses on providing the immediate need of shelter, privacy, and dignity to those experiencing homelessness in the Los Angeles County. Your donation will help to provide more shelter to those in need. All donations made to this fund in memory of Aramais Abrahamyan is tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. To learn more about the Cardborigami shelter solution visit our main website at

Please click on the Donate button when using a credit card or you can make a check out to Cardborigami, write ‘in memory of Aramais’ in the memo and mail to:

525 South Hewitt St 

Los Angeles, CA 90013